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The aroma of the genuine coffee

Coffee offers an incredible range of complex aromas and flavors. Thus, sniffing coffee is not a simple act.

Its scent wafts towards and over you.


The smell you experience as you breathe out while keeping a mouthful of coffee plays a significant role too.


Once combined with a sensory input of taste, texture and temperature, your brain devises the accurate representation of the coffee, producing a powerful emotive experience.

With a selection of the most flavored coffees, we invite our customers to enjoy a unique sensorial experience.

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More than

12 Single-origin coffees

The delicacy of an artisan chocolate


Chocolate and coffee are individually incredibly complex in flavor, but when paired together, they create even more delicious combinations.


With its crispy texture and intensive aroma of roasted cocoa beans, Chocolate of Modica is one of the most flavorful.


Tasted with a cup of quality coffee, the genuine product is a classic way to delight ourselves with the purity of the chocolate which provides an unforgettable experience for our senses.

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Discover the masterpieces of

Italian culinary Art

Fanciful recipes


The warm experience of enjoying coffee is always a good reason to savor sweets and fanciful recipes.

To delight the palates of our customers, we have studied genuine recipes that perfectly match the complexity of the coffee.


Our recipes are mainly based on the traditional Italian Panettone, which combined with fruit or chocolate is a tasty cuddle to savor with your coffee.


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