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Arro Coffee® is a story of passion and dedication for the Italian culinary tradition. Way before in 1996, the concept was born in the mind of an Italian entrepreneur, wishful to expand the boundaries of his activities outside Italy and with a strong passion for food, particularly of his land. From the very beginning, the goal has been to spread the knowledge of the best Italian products across the world. Years after years the desire of a unique creation has become more and more longing. 20 years after the initial idea and after having heard about for a long time, his children decide to realise this long-standing wish. In 2016, Arro Coffee® finally sees the daylight and shares with Londoners the genuineness of three very special Italian products: Coffee, Chocolate and the inevitable Panettone.


ICIF - Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners is a non-profit organization founded in Turin in 1991 by a selected group of top Italian chefs of international reputation and outstanding leaders from the culinary sector with the goal to qualify, protect, develop, and promote the image of the Italian cuisine and excellence of Italian products, as well as spread the knowledge among professionals around the world. 

ICIF today is an internationally recognized institution with a know-how of over 20 years.  ICIF boasts over 5.000 graduates from all over the world, many of whom have opened high quality Italian restaurants in their homelands or taken management positions in big hotel chains’ kitchens or most prestigious hospitality facilities.

Over 150 chefs and food and wine professionals have added the value of the highest expertise as external teachers of ICIF courses.

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