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Coffee Blends

The aroma of the coffee is not limited to the simple act of smelling coffee as it wafts over and towards us. Retronasal smell, or the smell we experience as we breathe out while keeping a mouthful of coffee plays a significant role. Once combined with a sensory input of taste, texture and temperature, our brain devises the accurate representation of the coffee. These are slight chemical changes to our grey matter, but a powerful emotive experience to our consciousness.

Modica Chocolate

The story of the Modica chocolate tracks its path in history which unites Sicily and Spain. Even further back, our chocolate finds its origins in the original recipe of the Aztecs civilisation called the 'Xocoàtl'. At that time they believed that cocoa conferred strength and vigour and was also a sign of wealth. This chocolate has never become industrially produced and remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Today, the Sicilians still make chocolate with the same original technique and ingredients.


Panettone, a sweet bread studded with raisins and candied peels of orange and lemon, is made following a traditional Italian recipe. Served plain or combined with fruit, chocolate, or whipped cream, Panettone is a tasty cuddle to savor with your coffee.

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